Support and develop the neurodivergent employees in your workforce

For employers across the UK, employee health, wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion has never been so important. Our workplace adjustment & neurodiversity solutions cover all aspects of employee wellness.

As an OH provider, we offer a range of wellness solutions to support all your employees including mental health support, health screening, to blood testing and lifestyle advice.

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Nurture through understanding

PAM Wellness Solutions is a Disability Confident Leader and employer. We are proud to offer an extensive range of high-quality services to create neuro-inclusive cultures at work and provide psychological support services so neurodivergent talent can flourish.

Our extensive experience enables us to ensure we offer tailored adjustments to support and enable neurodivergent employees at work and in education, such as:

  • Getting to know individuals and how they work best
  • Understanding challenges at work and providing recommendations and solutions
  • Providing assistive technology and equipment
  • Providing awareness sessions about neurodiverse conditions
  • Mental health support, advice and guidance
  • Coaching
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Although neurodiversity is widespread, many neurodivergent people hide their condition from coworkers out of shame, a lack of knowledge or a fear of being treated unfairly.

Our Workplace Adjustment and Neurodiversity services include the following functions:

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Workplace Needs Assessments

Diagnostics & Screenings

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Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technology Training

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Workshops & Webinars

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Awareness Training

Coaching and Co-Coaching

Neurodiversity facts and figures

Our services provide individuals with high-quality, practical and emotional tools, and effective clinical interventions that are designed to create long-lasting results.


70% of Neurodivergent employees experience mental health challenges

Source: Wills Towers Watson, 2022


50% of employees are far less likely to leave where adjustments are tailored

Source: NiB, 2023

1 in 7

1 in 7 people in the UK population are neurodivergent

What our clients say about PAM Wellness Solutions

I had the fortune to have met with Carly as my Workplace Needs Assessor. I have never had to consider that I may need help in the way I worked until recently, and so this was a difficult thing for me to have to do. Carly was so lovely and put me at ease with her kindness and understanding. She is a credit to her employer and has really considered what would work best for me and my wellbeing. I have never spoken with anyone that has understood my situation like she did and it really made such a difference to me being able to be open about it. Thank you so much Carly for being you.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

This was easily the best Neurodiversity awareness / training session I have been on, there was a good level of information and a focus on the positive aspects of the various conditions. It was also very apparent that the person delivering the content was genuinely engaged with the subject matter, and didn’t try and restrict the use of chat during the presentation, which was a great move as Neurodiverse individuals are often able to listen and absorb whilst doing another task. I would like this course to be compulsory within DWP and I have come away from other Neurodiversity training feeling quite annoyed in the past. This was great, made me feel optimistic.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

I saw Dan fortnightly for 12 x 2 hours neurodiversity coaching sessions. Dan very quickly established a great rapport and connection with me, which made me feel relaxed and better able to engage with each session. He is an excellent listener and demonstrated that he understood me, even when I was struggling to understand myself. He was like an expert friend who will challenge you when needed, offer support and identify your positive traits, assisting you to establish strategies, set and meet goals and develop areas of difficulty. I feel I have developed and improved immensely over the course of the sessions and would recommend to anyone looking for neurodiversity coaching.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

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