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For employers across the UK, corporate health and wellbeing has never been so important. Our workplace wellbeing solutions cover all aspects of employee wellness from employee health screening, mental health to blood testing and lifestyle advice.

Whatever your requirements, our flexible approach to wellness and wellbeing in the workplace can be relied upon to deliver a healthier and better-informed workforce ready to meet evolving business goals and challenges.

Promoting wellness in the workplace

Everyone wants to work to their full potential but physical and mental health barriers can often inhibit performance. Our corporate wellness packages help employees safeguard their health and strengthen their personal resilience. Healthy employees are the foundation of overall corporate wellbeing and an important investment for any organisation.

We are a leading UK corporate wellbeing provider. Our services promote wellbeing for employees through awareness sessions, training, health assessments and on-going support. Packages are designed to meet distinct business requirements, specialised workforce needs and specific enterprise goals.

Workplace support services

Our health assessments provide a convenient way to assess an employee’s physical health, overall wellbeing, and lifestyle choices. They’re focused on identifying health risks before they become problems and guiding employees to make better decisions about their future.

Our health promotion events engage employees in specific health and wellbeing areas, workshops, lunch n learn sessions or mini drop-in clinics.

Our health coaching expertise covers all aspects of employee wellbeing including workplace mental health, fitness programmes, neurodiversity, medical assessments, blood testing, GP services, employee assistance and more.

Delivered either on-site or online by our health and wellness experts, our workshops and webinars aim to inform employees and managers on a range of pertinent issues and conditions which can adversely affect workplace wellbeing.

Our laboratory provides diagnostic blood testing services to employers and organisations. The array of blood testing profiles covered ranges from immunity screens for blood-borne viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, through to health screens such as kidney, liver, and lipid profiles, as well as specific tests for cardiac risk, pre-diabetes, and vitamin D deficiency.

Enhance resilience and corporate strength

Corporate wellness is an all-encompassing approach to employee health. It fuses testing, training, awareness and discussion to foster employee wellbeing and development. The end result is a more resilient workforce and greater corporate strength.

✓  Adopt a progressive approach
✓  Establish a culture of health
✓  Enhance employee wellness
✓  Reduce employee spend


Corporate wellbeing solutions have been implemented by some of the biggest employers in the UK, and the corporate-wellness movement as a whole is well established. Through adopting an employee-focused wellbeing approach, organisations have the potential to enjoy a greater return on their staff investment.

An organisation’s strength draws on the health and resilience of its employees. By promoting employee wellbeing, companies put in place strategies to ensure long-term growth and profitability.

Our corporate wellbeing solutions suit a wide range of budgets and clients from small and medium sized enterprises up to the largest of employers. Inherent in adopting a wellness-focused approach is the principle of investing in the short term to create an environment for long-term savings, associated with greater staff health and reduced staff management.

To find out how PAM Wellness Solutions can support your organisation and to get started, please contact us. We can arrange a call to discuss further and introduce you to our team of experts.

What our clients say about PAM Wellness

I saw Dan fortnightly for 12 x 2 hours neurodiversity coaching sessions. Dan very quickly established a great rapport and connection with me, which made me feel relaxed and better able to engage with each session. He is an excellent listener and demonstrated that he understood me, even when I was struggling to understand myself. He was like an expert friend who will challenge you when needed, offer support and identify your positive traits, assisting you to establish strategies, set and meet goals and develop areas of difficulty. I feel I have developed and improved immensely over the course of the sessions and would recommend to anyone looking for neurodiversity coaching.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

This was easily the best Neurodiversity awareness / training session I have been on, there was a good level of information and a focus on the positive aspects of the various conditions. It was also very apparent that the person delivering the content was genuinely engaged with the subject matter, and didn’t try and restrict the use of chat during the presentation, which was a great move as Neurodiverse individuals are often able to listen and absorb whilst doing another task. I would like this course to be compulsory within DWP and I have come away from other Neurodiversity training feeling quite annoyed in the past. This was great, made me feel optimistic.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

I had the fortune to have met with Carly as my Workplace Needs Assessor. I have never had to consider that I may need help in the way I worked until recently, and so this was a difficult thing for me to have to do. Carly was so lovely and put me at ease with her kindness and understanding. She is a credit to her employer and has really considered what would work best for me and my wellbeing. I have never spoken with anyone that has understood my situation like she did and it really made such a difference to me being able to be open about it. Thank you so much Carly for being you.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

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