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Our complete neurodiversity offering includes screening, assistive technology, ergonomics, consultancy workplace needs assessments, coaching, training and specialist assessments for hearing and visual impairments.

Getting the right support at work can transform the life of a neurodivergent employee and with the correct training and equipment everyone can develop and achieve their full potential.

Under the Equality Act (2010), employers and training providers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments or their employees, including apprentices. What this means is that positive steps must be taken to improve an employee’s ability to do their job effectively.

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Workplace support services

Assessments are available for dyslexia, dyscalculia, DCD/dyspraxia.  Screening is available for Autism and ADHD.

Our team of specialists carry out a range of assessments to support individuals at work.  Working with the employee the assessor will investigate areas of challenge and make recommendations for ways the employee can support themselves as well as how the organisation can support.

At PAM Group we can supply ergonomic equipment such as keyboard, desks and mice alongside software to support specific tasks at work such as speech recognition software, mind mapping software and meeting capture software.

Our trainers can support employees with bespoke 1-to-1 training in how to best use the supportive technologies and equipment recommended to enable them to perform more effectively in their roles.  Our coaches work with individuals to provide 1-to-1 strategy coaching to address areas of need related to performance at work such as time management. We also offer support for line manager through co-coaching.

Our team can support you with Access to Work grant and funding to support your employees. Access to Work (ATW) is a publicly funded employment support grant scheme that aims to support disabled people start or stay in work. It can provide practical and financial support for people who have a disability or physical or mental health condition. Support can be provided where someone needs support or adaptations beyond reasonable adjustments.

An Access to Work grant can pay for practical support and services to enable your employee to start or stay in work, and provide them with solutions to help them work most effectively.

The value of diversity in the workplace is well recognised however, creating and implementing policy and process changes internally in the specialised area of neurodiversity were often inhouse expertise is.

Our team of occupational psychologists are available to provide consultancy to HR and  DE&I Departments advising and working in partnership with them to support in the following areas:

  • Impact audit
  • Inclusion policy
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Succession planning
  • Line Manager awareness training
  • Organisational Culture Change
  • ERG support and implementation
  • Implementing adjustments
  • Design of the work environment

Why are workplace neurodiversity support services so beneficial?

Putting in place effective support for neurodiverse employees can yield fantastic results, both for the employee and the business.

These benefits include:

✓  Reduce workplace stress and burn out
✓  Improve staff retention and loyalty
✓  Increase efficiency and production
✓  Improve staff confidence
✓  Reduce absenteeism
✓  Promote equity

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A workplace needs assessment can identify areas of challenge with aspects of your employee’s job role as well as areas of strengths that can be utilised to support aspects of task accomplishment. Through one-to-one assessment one of our assessors will work with the employee to identify specific areas challenge and provide a range of recommendations bespoke to individual situations.

The best starting point for support is to accurately assess an employee’s needs. Once requirements are established, the perfect blend of equipment, training, coaching or adaptations to the work environment can be introduced. We specialise in developing support programmes and packages designed for the needs of a given employee in a given employment context.

These are workplace adjustments which employers are required to make under the Equality Act 2010 to create the appropriate workplace conditions and remove any disadvantages to enable employees to perform their job roles.  Access to Work only covers the extra support to enable your employee to carry out their role. Our advisors can help you determine what is a reasonable adjustment and what is eligible for Access to Work.

Neurodivergent individuals are vital contributors to a successful work environment and benefit greatly from an inclusive workplace. They bring unique ways of thinking and fresh perspectives. That’s why it’s essential to support neurodiversity at work and enable greater awareness of neurological conditions.

Most employers, whether they realise it or not, are responsible for supporting employees who have are dyslexia, autistim, DCD/dyspraxia, or ADHD  . In such cases, it’s imperative that they arrange proper screening and support for employees who feel they need reasonable adjustments to their working practices.

To find out more about how PAM Wellness can support your organisation and to get started, please contact us. We can arrange a call to discuss further and introduce you to our team of experts.

What our clients say about PAM Wellness Solutions

I saw Dan fortnightly for 12 x 2 hours neurodiversity coaching sessions. Dan very quickly established a great rapport and connection with me, which made me feel relaxed and better able to engage with each session. He is an excellent listener and demonstrated that he understood me, even when I was struggling to understand myself. He was like an expert friend who will challenge you when needed, offer support and identify your positive traits, assisting you to establish strategies, set and meet goals and develop areas of difficulty. I feel I have developed and improved immensely over the course of the sessions and would recommend to anyone looking for neurodiversity coaching.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

This was easily the best Neurodiversity awareness / training session I have been on, there was a good level of information and a focus on the positive aspects of the various conditions. It was also very apparent that the person delivering the content was genuinely engaged with the subject matter, and didn’t try and restrict the use of chat during the presentation, which was a great move as Neurodiverse individuals are often able to listen and absorb whilst doing another task. I would like this course to be compulsory within DWP and I have come away from other Neurodiversity training feeling quite annoyed in the past. This was great, made me feel optimistic.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

I had the fortune to have met with Carly as my Workplace Needs Assessor. I have never had to consider that I may need help in the way I worked until recently, and so this was a difficult thing for me to have to do. Carly was so lovely and put me at ease with her kindness and understanding. She is a credit to her employer and has really considered what would work best for me and my wellbeing. I have never spoken with anyone that has understood my situation like she did and it really made such a difference to me being able to be open about it. Thank you so much Carly for being you.

Customer Review – Trustpilot

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